77 Heroïcus
September 9th, 2009

77 Heroïcus


  1. Yolen

    Is this about how stupid can new mmo’s be? I sort of don’t get it…

  2. Barruk

    This looks freaking awesome. I would totally play this MMO, it has that certain “Me transmitte sursum, caledoni” that other games just are missing today.


    I don’t follow the real joke, clearly it must be some clever kind of wordplay that only makes sense in french. 😛 I like the idea though, could you clarify the joke for me?

  4. Bethod

    Well, if PTA is to mean “Parent/Teacher Association” then maybe the joke that this is the ideal MMO from a parent/teacher perspective? o.O I don’t know. =/

  5. Dragoro7

    This is blizzards new top secret mmo

  6. Nyrohn

    Is that supposed to be a GREEK, or ROMAN style game?
    Ah, whats it matter. I’d play it.

  7. Dobmeister

    Roman style. Latin text, eagle on the breastplate, Virgil, it’s pretty obvious.
    Amphora goes to amphorae in the plural form (at least in the one they intended to use).

  8. Latex Santa

    Bah. This is just the newest trolling method from the secret Society of Developers.
    You want game balance?? FINE, YOU GOT IT!!!!!
    Repensum est Canicula.

  9. Matthew

    I suspect this is a jibe at MMOs that promise to “remove the grind, make gear unimportant”, and yet be at all fun to play. MMOs that don’t follow the basic formula of EQ, EQ2, or WoW tend to fail (with 1 or 2 exceptions)

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