– Donate ? –

Hey all,

We here at Noobz have been trying our best to get a laugh out of you every week, and in some instances we might even have succeeded. Somewhat.
But we have bigger plans : that Internet webcomic thing is fun and all, but PH and I would really like to buy a commercial airliner, convert it into a flying home of funkyness, and tour the white sand beaches of the world. We’ve thought about it for a while and we think it’s a pretty reasonable project. So now all we need is the financing.

In comes paypal. If you are so inclined, please feel free to donate millions of dollars.
Who needs money in this tanking economy anyway, right? It’s not like there’s anything left to buy. Except maybe for commercial airliners… See, I told you we had it all figured out!

Thanks guys, gals and all around Noobz. In all seriousness we really appreciate the support, be it monetary or simple email-congratulationary… 🙂