78 Hard At Work
September 16th, 2009

78 Hard At Work


  1. siahpoosh

    LOL. to be honest , 5 years befor, my first character was a priest. and i did THAT , lol

  2. Viridios

    My warlock worked on sword skill for a while – Firestones were given to us for a reason!

    This was made only slightly better by the fact that I could banish a mob for 30 seconds at a time and still skill up on it.

  3. Fert

    I am a shadow priest and just got my fist maxed, as well as the achievment for 4 weapons maxed out(wand, mace, staff, dagger, and hand…the only things a priest can choose from), and used worms in Storm Peaks mostly. The easiest was bare handed because I was able to use a single worm for it and just keep shielded the whole time.

  4. pwkwsfi

    indeed. I’m working on maxing out Thrown . . . on my hunter.

  5. blindlinus

    uhh… while i understand the joke… you should come to grips with the fact that there is an achievement called [Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?] for raising unarmed to 400, and that wep skill also contributes towards getting the [Master of Arms] achieve for raising 4 wep skills to 400.

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  7. latusthegoat

    That IS the joke, Blindlinus… that we’re so addicted that we’ll do something so stupid.

  8. Anony

    Caster melee FTW

  9. Kahiko

    My guild has Thunderdome fight nights, 2 enter – 1 leaves, featuring unarmed hand to hand & nekid fighting. So I have done that too, then gone back to raise it some more.

  10. daetnea

    Plus, if you choose fists for the “Fish or fists” naked duel, you’ll need to have your unarmed skill high.

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