65 Translatoxx Is My Friend
June 10th, 2009

65 Translatoxx Is My Friend



    OMG, tht is awesome, i wish that was real, it would make being a warlock not-impossible

  2. Patrick

    Oh come on, cry me a river! Warlocks have been the masters of PVP eversince the game came out. Now you get six months of not being the top dog out there and all of a sudden it’s QQ-land!
    Ok sorry, expressing my mage-being-murdered-by-warlocks-angst-for-four-years angst here, in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

  3. Yolen

    Yeah… chain-feared-dot-dot-kk-thx-bye… Someone told me that pvp as a mage takes alot of skill… maybe thy’re right but how can i show skill when I use Ice Block 2 times, pop trinket and STILL get chain feared and dot killed? Well, that’s how it was before, now its a bit better I guess… I still prefer Warhammer PvP to WoW PvP everyday. Less CC = win.


    Yes, it is true that fear-dot-dot-repeat is unfair…but it’s s0o0o0o much fun, come one just try it, you’ll being pissing of everyone else in no time, all the while laughing your @$$ off

  5. Terrasque

    “Warlocks have been the masters of PVP eversince the game came out” – hah, what noobs are they allowing into the game nowadays? I played warlock before they got buffed, before they had Death Coil, and I can assure you we weren’t masters of anything.

    Here’s a little classic showing how it was back then : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1924309195372520571 – World of Roguecraft part 2. Can’t find a link to part 3 (the first of the series), but that’s pretty good too.

  6. Yournamehere

    the fear-dot-dot is annoying… not as much as hunters and there over powered pets though

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