64 I Live In The Shadows
June 3rd, 2009

64 I Live In The Shadows


  1. Pax

    Ganking at it’s finest!

  2. sheik

    true as always. mushroomcamping for demonslayerfarmes for brutallus.. giev pve servers. qq.

  3. Anony

    “Some people have nothing better to do” says it all. Funny when people don’t apply this thinking to themselves when they are the losers doing it.

    I ganked a level 20!! I rule! /fail

  4. Yolen

    Rogues do it from behind…

  5. Steve


    I believe that was the point of the strip. To make fun of the character with no life, making fun of the character with no life. Just thought I’d point this out to you.

    *If this is what you were trying to say, I apologize. You comment was slightly misleading.

  6. Ghengis


  7. Latex Santa

    I tried the WOW trial once. On the server with the name of the obscure mage back in 2008. Made an ork warrior, he was going to be fury specced with axes.
    Me and a few undead comrades ganked a lvl 21 human priest in the barrens near a Centaur oasis once. I used Hamstring on him. It felt nice ^___^
    Happened during my grandpa’s last week of life. Trial expired the night he died. Hadn’t seen him for a week prior. I blame myself. But mostly, I blame WOW.

    Never again.

  8. FluffyTruth

    Sad, a grandfathers passing. But im surprised youd blame a game as opposed to controling your own personal habbits. Reviewing this again~ maybe im not so surprised.

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