January 21st, 2009



  1. Xansti

    Lol even my raid wasnt that bad, i had voicespeak 😀

  2. Yolen

    I’ts officer’s fault they invited him in the first place. You cant possibly expect a guy who never had raided to do it good on first try. Especially since he’s DPS and theres a great competition in that area so he shouldn’t get an invite in the first place. Change dps to healing and sword to mace and it would be TOTALLY what many guilds struggle with lately.

  3. Yolen

    Also, forgot to mention I enjoy the comic ALOT. Good work on that. Sad part is, in many cases you are VERY close to player behavior. We really ARE a nasty bunch;)

  4. wrthofnino

    ^^ why I never got into any endgame raiding… my life is stressful enough af it is XD

  5. Patrick

    Voicespeak is an awesome name isn’t it? Wait, let me go buy right now!

    Thanks for your kind words about the comic, and thanks for saying we’re all noobz… I think. 🙂

    Haha raiding is only stressful if… Wait, forget it, it’s always stressful indeed.

  6. Yolhuani

    LOL this is so true of raiding guilds. Pity the new person who doesn’t know the fights or is just learning the lingo. Training folks to raid is one of the things my guild is very good at. We are very patient as many of us are parents and grandparents.

    Had the pleasure of putting a jerk guildmaster of a raiding guild in his place last night in Obsidian Sanctuary. Just for future reference, boys, DO NOT tell the guildmistress of the second oldest and one of the biggest guilds on your realm she is a bitch when she has graciously taken time out of her life to dps for you. She WILL leave and insult you as she does it and your guild will have beg her to come back. ::snicker:: Because she IS a bitch and she doesn’t need you.

    AND, she will laugh at you irl the whole time because you are a 20 something with a minimum wage job who only leaves the house to buy beer and she is a grandmother who manages one of the oldest real estate offices in her area, has a television show and chairs a local government committee that handles millions of dollars a year in federal funds AND she has bitchy moments irl as well.

  7. Xansti

    @ Yolhuani, Pics or bust

  8. Yolhuani

    LOL Google Yolhuani.

  9. anonymous user

    @Yolhuani, i only spent a couple minutes and I’m not 100% sure, so are you Gwen S. Todd, age ~51 who currently resides in Fremont, California? I also found multiple myspace accounts, in one of them you claim to be 34 and bisexual, I am guessing that is you too? The occasional articles you link to about same-sex marriage and the uniqueness of your username leads me to believe it is.

    Again, I can’t be sure, but If I’m correctly correlating the information from your resume and the public records available online, then your birthday is soon, so in the off chance that I’m right, Happy Birthday!

    If the fact that I found this much information (not even the full amount I found) based off of her username alone startles anyone, I suggest you start searching for your self at people search engines like and other generic search engines to find traces of information about yourself and do your best to keep your screenname and real name separate.

  10. Patrick

    Wow, things are heating up in here! 🙂

  11. anonymous user

    well, to be fair I only posted a reply because I figured the way she worded her post she either thought nothing was available to link her real name and screen name and therefore should serve as a warning to others out that what people can find about you; or she knew exactly what people would find and was fine with it.

  12. Patrick

    I think she was trying to give the previous poster a way to find all the details about her story and prove that she was telling the truth… but I get your point, and the demonstration is quite successful indeed!

  13. Yolhuani

    Yes, that is, indeed me. The middle aged gamer grrl. The Myspace with the 34 age may have been an attempt at Roleplay, since some many guys want to do roleplay with my character. ::shrug:: Didn’t do anything for me. LOL

    I do maintain three separate “identities”, a “gamer” one (which I tend to use on sites like this), a personal one (that I use for most everything else) and a professional one that I give to casual business acquaintances, but they are all tied together. To make it easy, I linked my claimid for you. 😉 If you know any middle aged fanboys who are looking for a savage troll hunter to get their back and keep them warm at night, let me know. I am currently LFM for long moonlit walks on murloc infested beaches.

  14. LancerX

    The internet is truly a strange place.

  15. Patrick

    Truer words were never spoken…

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  18. dragon

    an online friend of mine is the owner of a large buisness and the leader of a large guild and his guild, my guild and a raiding guild did a raid and me and my friends guild were getting bitched at and my friend got called a bitch and that guild now has 50 members and almost never raids with ppl not from that guild so be carful who you yell at… you could end up with almost no friends…

  19. Dragoro

    50 DKP MINUS!!!!!!

    if you don’t get the referance go to:

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