January 28th, 2009



  1. Rachel

    Perfect! Seriously, this is going to help my family understand my 17 year old brother!

  2. Anony

    At least it’s goal oriented, even if it is still a huge waste of time.

  3. Patrick

    Waste of time?! I’m offended, and I have no idea what you’re talking about. This strip is supposed to show how good and focused things have become, as opposed to the dissolute lives we lived before… 🙂

  4. Yolen

    The truth is, human beings are uncapable of making an impact on existence as whole or the universe as whole so big, to make it NOT a waste of time in the long run. Whatever we do, we’re just small, fragile beings doing unimportant things on our small, unimportant planet.

    But if it were my girlfriend to call me, I would certainly pick up the phone.

  5. Yolhuani

    Hmmm, this might help my grandkids understand ME! LOL

  6. Patrick

    Hehe that’s what we live for, serving the public one strip at a time.
    Ps: gratz on being a grandparent and still be playing video games!

  7. LoBO

    nice as always, you should post every day ^^

  8. The Arabic Student

    Yep. I can definitely identify with this. I was totally the guy in the last pic for the year of 2004. Hopefully I’ve grown out of it, but I try to limit my MMO intake just in case.

  9. dragon

    I would go like “my mom made me get off” if it was my gf and talk to her for a while

  10. SusanStoHelt

    Pfft. If his g/f was serious about having a relationship with him, she wouldn’t be on the phone, she’d be in the pug with him. My husband and I have played together for years.

  11. Dragoro

    This is completely unrealistic and a bad and false representation of gamers! A WoW player with a girlfriend!?

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