68 Crafting
July 1st, 2009

68 Crafting



    Ah, the days of crafting hats… those were the days

  2. Yolen

    So true with crafting… creating alot of useless crap to reach something that actually sells…

  3. Aigars Mahinovs

    So, for how much did you sell the first program you wrote? Yeah, that ‘hello, world’ one. Thought so. Be glad that vendors buy the crap that you are making while you are skilling up.

    Just like in real life – only the work from skilled artisans sells for more money than mats are worth.

  4. DataShade

    Aigars – uh, in real-life skills and trades, you start small and work your way up. You add complexity. The only difference between introductory crafting and maximum-level crafting is the ingredient list – you still just click a button. It’s not as if you compare blacksmithing to tailoring you’ll find the kind of differences you’d find comparing C to Lisp.

  5. ToAsTy

    I read up till here from your first comic… and i can’t believe you realize all this stuff, make fun of it and yourself, and STILL play this fucking game. I quit playing 2 years ago

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