> What is Noobz?

NoObz! is what happened when two friends who, like many of you, grew up going to arcades and playing on 8 bit consoles or PCs with those huge floppy disk drives, put their mind together. They now live in a world full of video games, video game players, and video game culture and think it’s pretty fun to look at and let their mind wander… From yesterday’s Atari to today’s virtual worlds, we have all been through these hilarious situations and these memorable moments that make up our collective geek culture; we try to bring you a bit of all that every week, mixed up and mashed out as a Webcomic for your enjoyment. We hope you find a bit of yourselves in it, and that you get a lot of fun out of it, NoObz! 🙂

> Dude, what’s with the dreamy-teary-eyed crap? Seriously, what’s a “noob”?

Oh ok… Ahem, sorry. So the term “noob” is derived from the word “newbie”. It is often used in a derogatory manner to characterize players who lack skill or knowledge about a game, especially in Massively Multiplayer Online Games like World of Warcraft.

> I see. And who are the two numbnuts who are responsible for this site?

NoObz! is produced by two wonderful frenchmen:
– Patrick, who initiated the project, works on most of the tech side and a bit of the comic. You can find the other stuff Patrick is involved in on the Frenchspin homepage.
– PH, the real artist in the lot, works on most of the comic and a bit of the tech side.

BTW, if you find a bit of quirky English here and there on the site, please don’t be alarmed and/or appalled. Remain calm, take a deep breath and send us an email; we’ll fix it asap. We’re kidding, but we would appreciate if you let us know.