The Point Of It All
February 18th, 2009

The Point Of It All

You guys probably remember THE first loot you’ve being craving for : a +6 strength + 3 stamina rare belt. You would have killed for it (I mean IRL). It’s been what, 2 years ? Anyways 170 belts later, we may start to think that all of this isn’t going anywhere 😉


  1. Xansti


  2. Patrick

    This kind of thinking is melting my brain. I think I’ll put it in a tiny little box while I run my 127th heroic of the week.

  3. Anony

    I think the hardest part is explaining it doesn’t end, you just hit a brick wall in progression until the company releases the next expansion, or patch, however there is always something to do, even if it’s grinding or going for these stupid achievements which are only there to make people feel like they are actually doing something lol. I guess you could do heroics to kill time considering it’s quite easy to down all the Northrend raids in less than single 4 hour session, including 3d os, however you likely don’t need any of the drops anymore.

  4. Zeraal

    I play for own, nothing more

  5. Yolen

    The easiest way to explain this to another player:

    – Hey Ted, remember how you finished your favorite cRPG and had to part with you character because the game finished? Well… yeah…

  6. dragon

    just tell them that you can act like your character with other ppl, lvl with other ppl, and it never ends because new things are comming out a lot

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