February 25th, 2009


Just wait for dual specs 😉


  1. Sen

    Its up on the PTR. Works pretty well. So does the gear manager

  2. Yolen

    I hate loot w%$#…

  3. Zeraal

    did he roll for the skirts & stocks? NINJA!

  4. patrick

    This is EXACTLY why I keep all my skirts and stockings in a safe in my room. Err… wait, that’s not right.

  5. Yolen

    Of course it,s not right… you forgot about bras and panties!

  6. Zeraal

    did the other fat guy wow-fan die?

  7. patrick

    Nah, he was probably sent of to a clinic for wow addicts or something, he’ll be back.

  8. dragon

    I thought he became so fat from inactivity he had to be sent into space

  9. Dragoro

    Everyone knows everything is huntard gear

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