80 Covert Ops En
September 30th, 2009

80 Covert Ops En


  1. Yolen


  2. CMK

    Bahahaha! One of the funniest NoObz I’ve ever read!

  3. Abidos

    Pwnd!! lol. Mothers FTW

  4. Vereth

    lol… That’s awesome.

  5. We All WoW.com » Blog Archive » Sunday Morning Funnies: Good for what ails you

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  6. Uncle

    Im sure if it was archmage, he would pwn his mom. Nobody mess with archmages!!1

  7. Ruchia

    LOL – I have no doubt this will be me in about six years…

  8. Dorp

    My mom plays a priest. /cry

  9. Latex Santa

    My mom does not play… thank heavens. I AM FREE!!! *insert generic evil laugh*

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