April 29th, 2009



  1. Anony

    “Anyone for a naxx run? I need some epixx!! Nobody wants to goto naxx? You can take your alts. Fine I’m joining a guild who will help me get gear since you guys won’t take me to Ulduar. /gquit” They were doom to pug, and suffer through guilds who could barely do the safety dance without wiping…..

  2. Gloren-Bloodhoof

    What server you on, my guild could take you.
    Patrick, love the comics love the show and we need you to be on The Instance, if you go on, please give me a shout out, my friends would be so annoyed!!!

  3. Patrick

    Hehe there aren’t any plans for me being on The Instance at the moment. I think Scott and Randy are very busy with the Nerdtacular… So jealous I can’t be there…

  4. Gloren-Bloodhoof

    Grrrrr, i would go to Nerdtacular, apart form being 15 and in singapore, curse these parents of mine

  5. altoholica

    i am so pissed. i have completed ToC but still havent down the big boss in Naxx on my mage. the last time i got a naxx pug we did 2 wings then stopped.

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