Holiday 2
April 1st, 2009

Holiday 2

Yes, the rumors were true: PH went on an amazing TWO WEEKS holiday. Bad enough that we didn’t get any noobery last week, we won’t get any this week either. Well, let’s look on the bright side: he’ll feel so guilty he’ll have to make his next strip twice as funny. Or not… Oh well, see you all next week people!


  1. Pe

    This is crap.

  2. Patrick

    Sorry about this Pe, we’ll be back next week, promise!

  3. Malista

    I enjoyed the last two weeks! much better than nothing and they gave me a little laugh

  4. Patrick

    Hehe for a second there I thought you were saying that you enjoyed the last too weeks better than the regular strips, that would have been pretty funny! 🙂

  5. d

    fuck this webcomic is so bad

  6. Patrick

    And we love you too d. Hugs!

  7. Paulie Bee

    How rude d! (like to see you do better)

    I love this comic <3

    Even my boss does after he busted me on it the other day 🙂

  8. Patrick

    Thanks Paulie, the new one is available, I hope your boss and yourself enjoy it!

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