September 24th, 2008



  1. Siahpoosh-Ravenholdt-EU

    Nice thought, i always hate to kill Sheep,Rats,Snakes,…. they are so peaceful. so nice and happy 😀

  2. Waru


    yes, phunny 😀 well done again

  3. Waru

    damn >,<

  4. Mad_Gerbil

    I love to run into a flock of grazing, peaceful sheep. Then lay some Aoe into them. baaa

  5. Zeraal

    Wolfaxx FTW! I wonder what he drops…

  6. Patrick

    Wolfaxx is definitely one of our best characters… I can’t help but feel empathy for that poor bugger! 🙂

  7. ironic

    it is ironic that you misspelled “moron”…

  8. Patrick

    Huh? What? I have no idea what you’re talking about! And absolutely didn’t correct just a second ago! (thanks!)

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