97 Arpeegee
April 13th, 2010

97 Arpeegee


  1. Colerejuste

    lol! “My foot in your ass.” And I get this image of Red from That 70s Show in my head

  2. EvoTech

    Yey, your back?!

  3. NoObz

    Maybe not with as much regularity as before but yes, back for now. Glad you enjoy the effort ! 🙂

  4. Wraith

    Glad to see the comic back. Perhaps previous negativity might’ve been a bit too harsh? With summer coming up, spending more time outdoors might not hurt ^^

    Noobz could be updated a bit more often perhaps, but with only one or two panels. Its up to you, but updating so infrequently loses visitors, especially after the last haitus.

    Good luck and awesome comic ^^

  5. Limrasson

    Nice page. I played Dragon Age and I think it’s an amazing game, even if I could not resist to search for the critical decisions on DragonAgeWiki, but never mind.
    And it was somehow expected that they build up this world, which is pretty well built up, first with a series of books, then a single player game, only to clear the ground, and preset the world for an MMO.
    But making an MMO from a non linear, and Dragon age is a very very non linear game, your decisions really can fuck up the world, and actually to make a good MMO from it would be not a small feat. (Because you either fuck up the decisions, or lore, or gameplay, or all of the above.)
    And EA can fuck up things sometimes (think about C&C4).
    If they really up for an MMO, I’m looking foward to it.

  6. uncle

    No more pancakes for you! Hahah love noobz 🙂

  7. Jay


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