83 Third Commandment
October 29th, 2009

83 Third Commandment


  1. coyote


  2. Random

    Of course I remember that its something important.

  3. Eddy

    These always feel more like vitriolic attacks on gamers than jokes about them.

  4. Uncle

    Girls… I dont even remember my own birthday ­čśŤ

  5. Sigh

    Women can be such dipsticks. Hate to be reminded of their age, get offended if you ask their age, but you MUST remember their birthday.

  6. Xansti

    In the second last comic strip shouldn’t it say your rather than you?


    Lol, this is me, i can remember the most unusually useless garbage about anything, but i can’t remember birthdays for the life of me.

  8. Sad

    Last panel is so sad. Another WoW addict that is going to die a lonely old man.

  9. Latex Santa

    I can remember birthdays EVENTUALLY, after they are repeated to me over and over… over the course of weeks. Eventually they get stapled to my gray matter.

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