Welcome to the new site!

We have redesigned the site to be more usable and friendly (well, we just used wordpress really). The forums are still there, but if you want to throw in a quick comment you can do that too. The archive system is also getting nice new thumbnails, as well as easier navigation, and each strip is getting a title (talk about revolutionary, right?)
We don’t anticipate doing many blog posts, but if wee need to there’s always that possibility too.
The only real change comes in for users of the RSS feed, who need to resubscribe here. We’ll keep the old RSS running for a while too.
That’s it, we hope you enjoy it!


  1. Vlad

    Hello! I’ve been reading your comic for a few months now. It’s really funny. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Zeraal

    I have been following the comic since one of the first comics and thats a great work. keep improving! I really like PvE jokes, more when Wolfaxx makes his opinion. May be farm him later… xD

  3. bryan

    great one…soooooo true

  4. feromi

    Following your comics from day 1, had some ups and downs in my view (pve whore, not to much of a nerd :P), but they’re getting better and better again, this one is right up there, totally love it.

    Keep up the great work

  5. Patrick

    Thanks guys! Glad you liked it feromi. PH, Wolfaxx and I strive to make you laugh a bit each week. It’s nice to hear it works. 🙂

  6. Sanguin

    A big thank you for doing this. That is hilarious and can’t already wait for the next one..

  7. rdx

    Lol , this was so true before DK’s come.

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