101 Smooth And Stealth
August 14th, 2010

101 Smooth And Stealth


  1. Naöss

    Fiiirst !! 😀

  2. Misted.Mind

    Second ;P And I had to laugh hard on the russian accent ;D “noisovitch”… How the hell can you come up with something like that ;D

    Btw @ Stealth-Games: Yeah, I know that feeling 😉 At a Splinter Cell-Session I just was fed up with that crap and empied my (endless) magazines into those damned spysovskies ;D

  3. what

    oh my god these comics are so terrible

    how have you been doing this for more than TWO YEARS and they haven’t improved even a tiny bit

  4. Jay


  5. Deadcomic

    I enjoyed these as a MMORPG fan. Goodbye forever comic

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