95 Granny
February 12th, 2010

95 Granny


  1. Nostress

    Ooh, snap! Granny strikes back. Kinda makes you wonder, though, what would happen if new gamers went through the classics before jumping on the HD bandwagon.

  2. Dice

    Great! That could be my mom right there. She’s 58 this year and is the person that got me into gaming. As a kid I spent more time watching her play nintendo than actually playing it myself.

  3. Yolen

    In 40 years ill be like all “pshhh, you kids don’t know what real games are… when you had to imagine a scene looking at pixel art or an alien 5 pixels long and 5 pixels wide… now THAT was some serious hardcore. All your cyber reality junk is the fail. I’ve seen WoW before it was in ultrareality, I’ve seen fps’s without the sight enchancer module… you dont know a THING… n00bs!” That’ll be some awesome stuff:D

  4. Yolhuani

    OMG THANK YOU! The first video game I ever played was one designed by my Star Trek obsessed boyfriend on our college mainframe in the 1970s. I’m sure the members of my four year old WoW guild get tired of hearing about the “good old days”. I put this on my Facebook, so they can all laugh.

  5. Theliana

    Love it!!

    I always laugh at the reaction of guildies when they find out how old I am. Yes, people over 30 play MMOs.

  6. Kriya

    heard this over vent during one of our raids.

    “Guys, could you wait a few minutes, my granddaughter is hungry.”

    Grandma iced Ragnaros

  7. Pete

    Funny this reminds me of the epic beard guy video… but this was made before that incident happened.

  8. Sophie

    Bit late to comment but I loved this. Bought CoD4 a few months ago and the young chap (looked no more than 18 but that could be just my aging perception) behind the counter was very polite and friendly, asking if I was buying it for a son or nephew. No, it was for me. He got very concerned and reassured me I could bring it back if I didn’t like the violence… I bit my tongue and refrained from telling him I’d been fragging things since before he was born. And hope to be still at it when I retire.

    The only difference is nowadays I’m prepared to wait until a game has dropped in price before I squander my lunch money on it.

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