93 Custom Made Hero
January 27th, 2010

93 Custom Made Hero


  1. Comic Critic

    Why would you make a comic series that is meant to be a parody of WoW (although attempts to make it relate to all mmo’s is rather lazy) only to insult it?

    About every 2nd strip the comic punch line is how WoW is way too generic or everything is a grind that takes forever.

    As you seem to keep up to date with new content brought into WoW as evidence of the topics from your comics being relatable I’m going to presume you play, in which case why are you even still playing WoW or any mmo in general if the way you portray WoW is nothing but a time waster with a player community consisting of nothing but “Noobz” and Hardcore fanatics?

    Now the whole comic isn’t terrible, you do have some ok ideas like the idea as having Wolfaxx being the classification of a hardcore raid boss as a reoccurring character is pretty funny.

    Your drawing skills are pretty good but the colouring is really lazy, are you using Microsoft Power Point? Some backgrounds would be nice as well.

    But what you really need to work on is the script, stop making comics only about the mechanics or the player base of the game, if you can’t think of anything try using just shit that happened to you in game that you found even slightly funny, you’re art style would compliment it well as your characters are already funny in appearance and sometimes that’s all it takes to make it good even if it’s just a comic about falling over.

  2. Hierakles

    So if you play something, you’re not allowed to ever poke fun of it online? WoW is hardly full of n00bz and hardcore players, this comic is simply a parody of some of the extremes you see. And as for artwork, I like the distinctive style. Try telling something like XKCD to colour.

  3. b.

    The douchebag Award goes to Comic Critic.


  4. Wraith

    1 – The comic is fine
    2 – The artwork is fine
    3 – Fuzz-off, its the ‘hardcore’ a-holes like you that took the fun out of WoW. He makes valid points and ironically you don’t have to play the game constantly to keep up with the changes. Just like I watch every patch note to see Paladins nerfed each and every single patch since they released LK. >_>
    They nerfed our threat generation. Yes, threat f-in generation! I hope WoW fails so the private servers can spring back up and do it justice.

  5. Wraith

    Just a side note, WoW stopped being original and fun after LK was released.

  6. PH

    Fanboys will be fanboys 🙂

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