81 First Commandment
October 14th, 2009

81 First Commandment


  1. Yolen

    My own ten commandents of a guildsperson:

    I am your Guildmaster, who saved you from n00bs and pugs and showed you the light of the PRO. Here are my commandments:

    1. Thou shall not have other guilds before ours.
    2. Thou shall not piss off your guildmaster in vain.
    3. Remember to keep the raid days holy and be present.
    4. Honour your Guildmaster and Class Leader and all the officers.
    5. Thou shall not cause raid wipes.
    6. Thou shall not scheme with enemy guilds.
    7. Thou shall not ninja loot.
    8. Thou shall not lie that you have uber skills.
    9. Thou shall not whine for epics.
    10. Thou shall not whine that you don’t have mounts, titles and achievements or pets or recipes…

    Because you are not worthy and you will never be, and stay n00b forever and ever ENTER.

  2. Dorp

    The commandments of paladin healing are:
    1. Thou shalt not die for a stupid reason. Get out of the bloody fire.
    2. Thou shalt not make me spam holy light on you because it cramps my finger.
    And 3. Thou shalt not bitch if you are a dps and you die. Are you a tank? If no, I don’t care about you.
    4. Too lazy to come up with seven more.

  3. NeedBleed

    Ten Commandments of running from wipes
    1. Thou shall not say I can’t run
    2. Thou shall find the safest way out
    3. Thou shall use all “oh shit” abilitys
    4. Thou shall not get dazed
    5. Thou shall run and never turn back
    6. Thou shall hold nothing above avoiding repair bills
    7. Thou shall fake the mobs
    8. Thou shall get out when the tank and healer are dead
    9. Thou shall fear nothing but running out of run way
    10. Thou shall explain your final moments to the spirit healer

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