76 Supply And Demand
August 26th, 2009

76 Supply And Demand


  1. Rumor

    Nice Rolex 😀 Tanks are worth their weight in gold

  2. Terrasque

    I’m a tank, and I approve of this comic.

  3. Viridios

    I’m a tank, and I hope PuGs are taking notes.

  4. Siahpoosh

    LOL, that was SUpper!, Reallllllly Real !, i love this! great job! 🙂

  5. Stonehell

    “I am a Tank.
    I put myself in danger that others may work in safety.
    I will do everything in my power to keep others safe, even if it means I fall.
    I am the first one into battle, and the last one out.
    I am a protector, a guardian, a champion.
    I AM A TANK.” – Tiredtanker

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    […] And, finally, the NoObz! comic gave us a fantastic example of the finer points of supply and demand. […]

  7. Milo

    Haha, very nice work.

  8. PewPew

    “Land a hand”? You really that stupid?

  9. Patrick

    @pewpew I think what you meant to say was:
    Hey translator dude, there’s a mistake in this one: you wrote “land a hand” instead of “lend a hand”. You might want to correct it.
    So I thank you for that, and I’ll correct it when I get a minute.


    OOOOOHH, burned lol. Nice one pat. 😀

  11. HL

    @PewPew : “You really that stupid?”

  12. Dorp

    Mad props to the dudes who choose to do that craziness. And who put their trust in half-asleep healers to keep them alive. Now that is courage (sort of.)

  13. Latex Santa

    I’m building a Two-handed DPS damage reduction porcupine tank for D&D Online… soon as I can get the damned game to WORK!!!
    Throw some of that respect ovah here mah boy!

  14. Rallaster

    @Dorp You don’t have to worry about half asleep healers when you are one. I have a level 6 Cleric with an AC of 28 and DR of 4/- with moderate fortification. The only thing I lack is the saves against spells.
    As a tank, I approve this message.

  15. Cshoes

    I’m halfway to becoming a true tank and I’m already getting people asking for my help.

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