74 Profiling
August 13th, 2009

74 Profiling


  1. Yolen

    I’m no goth… altough I dress black…

  2. motocarota

    LOL that’s 100% my profile!! Awesome!!


    UGHHH! You almost had me. Sadly, i play a warrior and a lock, you almost got me pegged on both 😛

  4. Yolen

    Also… that guy is NOT a goth, he’s metal ==

  5. Lol

    Where’s the mage profile? :S

  6. Yolen

    Its hard to truly describe mages. Mages are, in general, weird people. As you can read in the books you have either a silent, thinking type which prefers to not use his magic too much and is always after some scheme of his own OR an furious elementalist who likes to hurl fireballs just to see how awesome spell effects look OR a loudmouth trickster using illusions, teleportation etc. Some are the combination of the above. But most cases MAGE is an intelligent type, type who loves to deal maximum impact while staying in the back. Dr. House is a mage actually. Hes strange, hard to understand, does his magic from the shadows then dissapears to be engulf by his own thoughts. A MAGE is always a unique, fascinating person when you actually get to know him, but most mages tend to not show their actual personality.

  7. Abidos

    Mages are pseudo intelectual nerd guys who think they’r experts in physics because they’ve seen al episodes of Star Trek.

  8. Yolen

    Says the rogue…

  9. Abidos

    Nope, sorry, I’m a lock

  10. Abidos

    Satan Lives !! 🙂

  11. Dorp

    Actually I only play a healer out of laziness and a deep-seated hatred for having to strategize. Raid assignment for a paladin healer? “Keep the tank alive.” That’s it. So, I guess, change “lonely and unloved” to “adverse to having to think real hard” and you’ve got it for me.

  12. Latex Santa

    I play tough, versatile, survivalist types in pen-and-paper. I love’em all though – rogues, wizards, paladins, barbarians – they all got their unique, awesome flavor.
    I’m crazy for variety.

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