73 Original Purity
August 5th, 2009

73 Original Purity


  1. Siahpoosh

    yeah! i was i some of those games, and i should say it is good that you can fly in the game sphere but those dices and rules are really sux i think. good Idea :)about AD&D


    New idea for a game, it will be the greatest mmorpg/board game/side scroller/mystery/fps! D&Wow2 The mines of Moria… ON HALO!! (Moria is by the way, a word, type it in ms word)

  3. Anony

    Back in the days were there wasn’t much more to do than watch tv, listen to the radio, or go outside was D&D for the social outcasts. Lets not forget to insert the Christian “D&D is the devil!” comment 🙂

  4. Zeraal

    I miss my RPG party T_T

  5. Yolen

    Thats actually NOT how real RPGs happen:S

  6. Latex Santa

    Indeed. The players make out of character jokes 20% of the time and do crazy $hit that throws off my game session plans. But I have my revenge in the form of buffed-up monsters!!!
    …What? They can take the abuse.
    They killed a lvl 20 wizard with 1000 HITPOINTS once during a full-fledged commando raid. That session with all the messing about, took about 12 Hours. Epic.

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