My Big Brother
May 20th, 2009

My Big Brother


  1. Yolen

    “Say wuuut?”

  2. you

    This is the ancient ritual ….where a newb enjoyes the game for the fun parts … and then the pro comes along and makes everything boring .

  3. Splat

    So … would advice like this be why level 2 characters keep asking me for gold and instance runs?

  4. Patrick

    Hey, what a coincidence! “Beg for gold and instance runs” is the exact advice I give all the lvl 2 characters I meet! 🙂

  5. Anony

    Hey, will you help me with this group quest? Wow you one shot them!
    Will you help me(do everything)……
    Which one of these is better?
    Can I have some gold(for some item I might use for 4 levels)?
    Which professions should I get?

  6. wrthofnino

    Please tell me you didn’t misspell “rogue” in the last panel… 😛

    Just saying >.<


    Yeah, i tihnk he did, btw, defnitly one of best comix yet, so true

  8. dragon

    you make noobs ask for that at lvl 2?! *goes into kill mode again* MUST KILL PATRICK!

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