February 11th, 2009


To all of you Wowists who got the pathetic “Jenkins” tag, so screenshots would look like family pictures 😉


  1. pwkwsfi

    best toon name all day (aluhucard). genius.

  2. Patrick

    [Repost of Yolen’s comment – accidentally deleted, sorry!]
    Haha… funny cause it’s true… 🙂 The titles in WoW are valued for uniqueness or coolness. The more it sounds like you’re an unstoppable force and the less people have it – the better.

  3. Dobblesworth

    Hi, this is Ambassador Merrymaker Knight-Lieutenant Dobmeister Jenkins the Explorer of the Shattered Sun, Champion of the Naaru, and I approve this message.

  4. Anony

    Sadly this is so true. Make them feel like they earned something lol.

  5. Yolen

    This is Corporal Elder LOREMASTER Ambassador Merrymaker Yolen Jenkins the UNDYING, the Seeker, the Explorer, Champion of the Naaru, Hand of A’dal and Champion of the Frozen Wastes, who didn’t bought the Shattered Sun title because it’s a waste of 1k gold;] Buuuuut… You can just call me Loremaster Yolen the Undying…

    Dobmeister, you should relly work on those titles you slacker;D

  6. PH

    Most of these titles don’t mean much to me, after all people have to keep their interest up when there’s nothing left to do 🙂
    But I was stunned by the number of “Jenkins” around. Best way to assassinate any roleplay attempt, and it looks intensely stupid 😉

  7. Yolen

    I still don’t get why Blizzard won’t allow players to have names like in Guild Wars. Also, why Trolls can’t have names with ” ‘ ” like Zul’jin?

  8. Anony

    You should have waited one week to make fun of the ‘love is in the air’ event specifically. What do you mean I need to put on perfume, and do what with a guard?

  9. Zeraal

    Why I dont have that title ¬¬ I want to be the King of Wolves

  10. dragon

    I never show my titles other that private, and the others

  11. dragon


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