Speed Dating
October 15th, 2008

Speed Dating

Side note: this strip was posted from a moving vehicle on Californian highways, using a mobile wifi router and a 3G thumbdrive… Seriously, technology never stops to amaze me.


  1. pwkwsfi

    Gotta have standards, right?

  2. Loraz

    Hehe nice comic at least it was not oh…. your aliance… I could never date you then. I am saving myself for a hord warchick heh.

  3. Patrick

    Well, I would personally have issues with a chick playing on a PVE server. I don’t got no time for no carebear!

    Same goes for my friends BTW: play on a PVP server or stop calling me.

  4. Zeraal

    I dotn get it…

    Whats a Girl? o_oUu (rofl)

  5. Aston

    Thats sooo cool 😀 , great job!

  6. A.

    you guys really don’t like girls who play computer games?

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